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Human Centric Lighting: Beyond Vision™

2022 | Featured, Industry News

Light is fundamental for life.

Light has a profound effect on people, and just like food we need light to nourish our health and wellbeing to see, function and feel better.

Human Centric Lighting is electric light that has been enhance to bring the benefits of natural daylight into the indoor environment.



Our bodies have evolved in response to the changing rhythms of natural light after thousands of years. So it’s not surprising that light has a profound effect on the way our bodies function and evoke emotion.

When outside, the amount of natural daylight intake is more than 10,000 lux during the day and less than 10 lux after dark.

The synchronisation of the circadian rhythm is driven by the so-called ‘third receptor’ in the eye. These are officially called the intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells, or ipRGCs for short. These receptors are most sensitive to light with a wavelength of approximately 480 nm.

We need effective, biological daylight nutrition to activate our ipRGCs at the right time. But due to our modern lifestyles, we experience too little light during the day. And at night we are exposed to too much light, which can disturb our sleep-wake cycle. Both of which can have a negative effect on the way our bodies function. 


As we have moved to spending more time indoors, our light exposure during the day has drop significantly, and exposure to light at night has increased. This change to too little light during the day and too much light during the night, can have negative effects on our sleep.  It shifts the timing of melatonin production, which in turn puts our circadian rhythm out of sync with the natural dark-light cycle. 

In the office, we are exposed to electrical lighting, however, its biological effectiveness does not compare to that of natural daylight. 

This is why we created Beyond Vision™, an LED module that stimulates the biological effects on the circadian rhythm of natural light whilst still providing comfortable light of high quality.


Beyond Vision™ was founded on the latest research in the field of LEDs and human-centric lighting, and using the very best technology available to achieve outstanding performance, in simple and affordable ways. BV enabled luminaires offer melanopic ratios to 0.986 at colour temperatures around 4000K, compliant to the WELL building guides demands.

The spectral distribution of light, as well as the blue light emission wavelength, are the keystone to good lighting. The correct balance of melanopic response to visual response provides for high melanopic ratios (MR) at comfortable colour temperatures. High MRs during the daytime help suppress the secretion of melatonin in our blood, improving awakeness and alertness. Office environments with poor fenestration need this type of light to overcome the lack of daylight.  Luminaire optical design is important for the incident light levels at the eye in a workplace situation. It is worth pointing out that colour tuneable light is not a panacea for human-centric lighting solutions.

Beyond Vision™ enabled products contribute towards satisfying features L01, L02, L03, L04, L07, L08, and L09 under the WELL Building Standard.