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Sustainably Sourcing: Aluminium

2023 | Featured, Industry News, Sustainability

How Choosing the Right Material Helps Achieves Our Environmental Commitments

At Centauri we are committed to incorporating sustainable practices into our manufacturing processes to reduce our environmental impact while still creating high-quality and visually stunning products. Our Centauri linear profiles are made using New Zealand aluminium that is then extruded in Australia, offering several sustainability benefits and product merits.

One of the main benefits of using New Zealand aluminium is that the conversion process uses renewable hydroelectricity, resulting in a lower carbon footprint than any other aluminium source. By utilising hydroelectricity, we can significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and support the use of renewable energy sources. Additionally aluminium can be infinitely recycled, making it a more sustainable option than other materials. In the future this will help use with our goal of achieving a full Cradle to Cradle luminaire.

All companies in our Aluminium’s supply chain, both here in Australian and in New Zealand, incorporate Lean Manufacturing principles, which reduces waste and improves worker safety and operational performance. Lean Manufacturing principles are focused on minimising waste and maximising efficiency, which results in a more sustainable product and production process. By minimizing waste, we reduce our environmental impact while creating a safer and more efficient workspace for our employees.

In addition to the above, by sea freighting the aluminium from New Zealand to Australia for extrusion, we can reduce transportation emissions associated with importing aluminium from other countries, while still maintaining the highest quality product for our customers. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint and support sustainable transportation practices.

By using New Zealand aluminium in our Centauri linear profiles is an environmentally responsible choice that aligns with our commitment to sustainability. By utilising renewable hydroelectricity, recycling aluminium, incorporating lean manufacturing principles, and reducing transportation emissions, we can create a more sustainable and visually stunning product. As we continue to innovate and improve our manufacturing processes, we will remain dedicated to reducing our environmental impact while creating exceptional products that meet the highest quality standards.